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PHARMAC: Interactive Infographic design and development (CWSP, CWP)

Samdog have been working closely with PHARMAC, via the CWSP to create an online version of their Factors for Consideration interactive infographic that is engaging and resonates with the intended audience.

PHARMAC provides funded access to pharmaceuticals for New Zealanders. The interactive tool we have created for them is displayed on their website and has been designed to make it easy to learn about new factors that will be used when making funding decisions.

We’re very excited to have had this opportunity to work with PHARMAC on delivering this infographic and deploying it on to the CWP while also supporting their creative team.

What we did for PHARMAC: Interactive infographic, engaged through the CWSP and delivered using the CWP.

Interactive matrix screenshot showing initial state of the matrix

Interactive matrix screenshot showing an active state of the matrix