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New Southern Sky: Brand and Visual Identity

The Civil Aviation Authority came to us with the challenge of helping them with their National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan, including a full brand and visual identity development and supporting printed materials.

In recent years there have been significant technological advances in airspace management and air navigation services worldwide.

The Plan sets a pathway to modernise all aspects of our aviation system over the next ten years, and position it to the future. We worked to develop a visual identity that would reflect this modernisation, while also recognising and incorporating the past and history of the system and the organisation.

The visual identity needed to represent a number of elements that were important in the Plan including, navigation, surveillance, communications, aeronautical information management, air traffic management, air space design, aerodromes and meteorological information.

The name New Southern Sky was decided as it is strong, credible, relevant, and communicates the gravitas of the Plan and its potential for this industry. Taking this name and the elements that needed to be represented, we produced visual components that together make up the visual identity, including logo lockups, a colour palette, brand guideline booklet and iconography to represent the key elements of the Plan.

Once the New Southern Sky brand and visual identity was established, we began work on a range of printed collateral to support the identity and the Plan, including a poster, DL flyer, report template, powerpoint, pull-up banner and images for use on social media. We have enjoyed working on this development and are excited to be a part of shaping New Zealand’s aviation system towards the future.

What we did for New Southern Sky: Brand and Visual Identity Development, Logo Suite, Brand Guidelines, Iconography, Printed Materials.

New Southern Sky: brand and visual identity white

New Southern Sky: brand and visual identity blue

New Southern Sky graphical print example