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MOH Youth Mental Health: Visual identity

Working with the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project to create a unifying visual identity that brings the diverse projects, agencies, and audiences together towards a common goal was a really interesting project for our team.

The aim of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people in New Zealand. This was important to reflect in the logo suite as well as provide an engaging, friendly and approachable mark for the project that relates to today’s youth culture and resonates with this key audience group. The logo suite also needed to provide a sense of trustworthiness, care and compassion, reflecting the empowering nature of the project.

The final logo suite represents one unifying voice for each of the audience groups and cultures in New Zealand. It features a large set of youth oriented iconography, with the focal point as a heart to symbolise the care, support and compassion for youth with mild or moderate mental health issues. As part of this project we also developed an A4 flyer and case studies to be displayed online.

What we did for MOH: Brand and Visual Identity Development, Logo Suite, Printed Materials.

Ministry of Health - Youth Mental Health Brand white