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Charities Services: UX, Website design & development (CWSP, CWP)

After working with Charities services to create a new visual identity and personality for them, we began work redeveloping a website to match.

Working closely with them again, Samdog conducted stakeholder and user workshops in order to discover the user experience and type of functionality required for the new site and to ensure it engaged and resonated with the target audience.

The end result is a website that is very easy to navigate, user friendly and intuitive. It brings in the design elements that were established as part of the new Charities Services identity, including the weave, the sleek and simple logo lockup and the positioning statement. The live stats page has a fresh, interactive and very visual overview of all charities in New Zealand, their locations, incomes and the cause they support, allowing you to filter results based on these attributes.

The website is now a great resource for charities in New Zealand and those wishing to find more information about certain charities. The website supports our mobile first approach that we take with all web projects, incorporating an adaptive design that makes it very easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

What we did for Charities Services: User Experience (UX), Information Architecture, Website Design and Development, engaged through the CWSP and delivered using the CWP.

Charities Services website homepage screenshot

Charities Services stats page screenshot

Charities Services resources search page screenshot