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Charities Services: Brand and Visual Identity

We worked with Charities Services to create a new brand and visual identity that defined them and everything they do, and also resonated with their stakeholders.

Charities Services, formerly known as Charities Commission, aim to promote public trust and confidence in the charitable sector and encourage the effective use of charitable resources.

A requirement of this new personality and visual identity was that it needed to have clear links to show that Charities Services are part of the Department of Internal Affairs. We started off by running workshops with key internal stakeholders to ensure that their goals, mandates and key objectives were taken into consideration for the creation of the visual identity, right from the beginning. The workshops explored values and attributes that the stakeholders felt defined Charities Services as well as the DIA, at the time.

Passion, Celebration, Authority and Transparency, were found as key attributes that represented Charities Services and the new visual identity needed to reflect these values.

We took the weave from the Department of Internal affairs logo and used it as a supporting visual element to show the connection. The new Charities Services logo suite needed to be sleek, simple, open and professional, which we achieved through a simple font and logo lockup. Finally, as part of the visual identity creation we explored a positioning statement that would best describe Charities Services, their values, and also celebrated what they were there for. Supporting charities in New Zealand for stronger communities.

As part of the visual identity development, we also explored how the brand would live in both the printed and online environment, going on later to continue working with Charities Services to create both printed collateral and their website which is work that we here at Samdog are all really proud of.

What we did for Charities Services: Visual Identity, Workshops, Logo Suite, Positioning Statement.

Charities Services brand identity image

Charities Services brand identity example for supporting charities