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Aegis Partners: Brand and Visual Identity

We have been working with newly formed company Trust and Security Ltd. to create a brand and visual identity for them that would resonate with their target audiences and reflect their goals, visions and key objectives.

They came to us early on with the need to establish a presence in the market, distinguish themselves, and build an understanding of why organisations need the services they offer.

This specialist consulting company advises Government and Corporates alike on information security, advising companies how to securely hold information and how to maximise the value of this information. Their visual identity needed to reflect professionalism, gravitas and have a strong corporate feel, to represent their solid and trusted company.

We undertook the full process – holding an initial workshop with key stakeholders to ensure that we understood their goals, visions and key objectives, and took these into consideration. The result was of this was renaming their company, changing it to Aegis Partners.

The name comes from Greek Mythology, where an aegis is an ageless and immortal shield used by the god Zeus. The modern concept means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or compassionate source. We think this sums up the company perfectly.

As part of their visual identity development, we also developed a full logo suite, stationery suite, and website. It has been great to be part of the full brand development for Aegis Partners and to see it transform into something that really is a reflection of what they do, and their key audiences.

What we did for Aegis Partners: Workshops, Visual Identity and Brand development, Logo Suite, Stationery Suite, Web Design and Web Development delivered using WordPress.

Aegis Partners white logo

Aegis Partners blue logo