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7726 SPAM: Visual identity

We worked with the Department of Internal Affairs and the “7726 SPAM” Project to create an approachable visual identity to engage users, and allow them to easily recognise and connect with the project.

This “7726 SPAM” Project is an initiative that has been born out of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, focused on providing users with an easily identifiable way to report unsolicited spam sent to their mobile phones. It is an innovative public service offering, and the DIA wanted to create a visually engaging mark that would resonate with the target audiences and have a strong visual recognition.

Working with the DIA and the 7726 SPAM project, we conducted internal and external stakeholder workshops in order to engage the target audience and ensure the visual identity would truly resonate with them, whilst also meeting the requirements of internal stakeholders.

The most crucial elements that the logo needed to communicate were the importance of reporting spam, that something can and will be done about any reports, and that it is free and easy to act upon any spam messages. The visual identity also needed to ultimately reflect the Department of Internal Affairs branding and make use of the Enforcement Colours panel.

This was a really interesting project for us and the final logo is very clear and informative, to be used across print and newspaper advertisements as well as on social media and the web.

What we did for DIA: Stakeholder Workshops, Brand and Visual Identity development, Logo Suite.

7726 SPAM Brand example white